Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nuts to this, I'm going to Ukraine

So my previous adventure to Turkmenistan fell somewhat flat. You can read about my experiences here Being the chipper, dapper fellow that I am, and because Peace Corps generously offered to find us new posts, I decided to stick with it. Two days after our group was turned down by the Turkmen Government, Peace Corps called me and offered me a posting in Ukraine.

I took them up on it.

I went from having a general idea of how the next two years of my life were going to play out, to not having a job and not knowing what to do next, to having a new post all in about 48 hours. It was rather intense. But, I said nuts to Turkmenistan, and decided to go to Ukraine.

You can read about it here. I'll try to put more up as I can. I'm hoping to leave sometime early next week, probably on tuesday or wednesday.

I also want to thank the people at Peace Corps who have worked so hard over the past week to find us new posts on such short notice. I'm incredibly grateful that they've managed to place me in Ukraine, and the others from our group so quickly.

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